It's not just healthcare,
it's YourCare™

It's not just healthcare, it's YourCare™

W.E.S.T.—Strategies for People

Good health starts and ends with you.  To SOAR ahead to better health you need to be your own health team leader and YourCare is committed to helping you connect with solutions, offers, access, and rewards to help.

An important part of good health means connecting with great healthcare providers in your community to help protect your good health.  Healthcare treatment is not optional; the key is to optimize your access to it.

For optimal health each person needs to balance their efforts in the four following areas: Wellness, Exercise, Screenings, and Treatment (W.E.S.T.). Better health at a lower cost requires multiple strategies, supported by skilled healthcare professionals.

Improve Your Health


Improve your nutrition, hydration, rest, and safety to help reduce health risks


Be physically active to improve mood and reduce many common health risks


Detect medical conditions at earlier stages to reduce the need for surgery and other drastic measures


Speed your access to care, increase convenience, and obtain more affordable treatment

Cut Your Costs

The most sustainable way to manage healthcare costs is by focusing on prevention, detection, and access to care to reduce need for acute, chronic, and long-term care throughout your life.

Take Care of Yourself

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin.

Wellness, exercise, and screenings, performed effectively, are the keys to lowering your need for treatment and importing your overall health.

Be A Smart Healthcare Consumer

Be a good steward of your finances, and the money spent by your health plan. Technology now exists to help you compare prices and find ways to spend less and/or get more when it comes to your care.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Health plans are expensive, but critical to helping you SOAR ahead! Find a plan, or plans, to give you great primary care, and protect you in case you or a family member suffers a catastrophic illness.

Enhance Your Experience

YourCare is working with healthcare leaders to build and enhance patient-centered communities where you, your providers, and your employer all win.

Better for you

YourCare is committed to helping people become their own health team leader enabling them to play a greater role in achieving better health.

Better for your providers

YourCare helps your providers earn more and deliver care more effectively, improving the care your receive and health tools you can access.

Better for your employer

YourCare works with employers and plan administrators to improve care and cut per capita costs to enhance experiences.

Get Connected

It will take everyone working together to achieve the triple aim of healthcare: you, your employer, your providers and healthcare leaders. However it all starts with you. Become your own health team leader by taking action to manage your wellness, exercise routine, screenings and treatment, and encourage healthcare professionals supporting you to provide you the best care in the most cost efficient way so we can all SOAR ahead!

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