It's not just healthcare,
it's YourCare™

It's not just healthcare, it's YourCare™

Vault Benefits Marketplace

The Vault Benefits Marketplace is a benefits shopping platform where you can find, compare, and purchase individual health insurance from a variety of insurance carriers. It's easier than ever to quote and apply for coverage. This service is ideal for indiviudals and families without access to employer or group health plans, as well as, people looking to supplement coverage.

Receive personalized plan recommendations.

View side-by-side comparisons when picking a plan.
Select, apply, and enroll for benefits all in one place.

Private Exchange Solutions for employers and groups

There's a lot of buzz about private health insurance exchanges replacing traditional employer-sponsored health plans, but what does this transition to a consumer-based approach to benefits really look like for large and midsized employers today? Connect with YourCare today to discuss private exhanges and other strategies.


Connect to the best technology on the market today. Intelligent, fully automated, platforms which can be configured the way you need. Our experienced partners are top-rated companies in the benefits, consulting, outsourcing and technology sectors and they upholdhigh standards of excellence in everything they do.


Our goal is to streamline the entire HR, benefits and payroll process so that it's as efficient and painless as possible. Strategies are designed with the "non-techie" user in mind—as a result, they are intuitive and easy-to-use for employees, HR Managers and Administrators alike. And our services are designed to ease your burden—not create another one.


HR can be challenging (to say the least) and benefits administration is more complicated than it looks. But because we're a very agile company with a unique expertise in benefits, we can turn on a dime and give you what you want, when you need it, at the right price. Better results for less money. That's savvy.