It's not just healthcare,
it's YourCare™

It's not just healthcare, it's YourCare™

Strategies for Payers

If you're an employer or benefit plan administrator with a self-insured health plan we want to share our technology-driven patient-centered solutions which are achieving the triple aim of healthcare.

If you are a small business we are excited to bring you one-of-a-kind health plan this Spring (2017) for groups as small as 2 participants to cut per capita costs and improve your organization's health.

We offer advanced health planning services to employers to help them attract and retain workers with a quality healthcare solution which better engages people to achieve better health more cost efficiently.

Improve Health

The most sustainable way to manage healthcare costs is by focusing on prevention, detection, and access to care to reduce the lifetime need for acute, chronic, and long-term care.

Wellness & Exercise

Wellness, exercise, and prevention strategies assisting participants and their families with maintaining and improving their overall health through a combination of education, coaching, and incentives.


Screenings which combine participant awareness and incentives to detect needs earlier with technology to eliminate duplicate tests and better coordinate care, cutting costs and increasing efficacy of care.


Treatment without the middle-man costs and waste, to focus plan resources on actual care and improving access to care.

Cutting Costs

You can leverage technology and enhance provider relations, while eliminating unnecessary, non-value adding layers to dramatically cut costs featuring:

Technology Integration

YourCare connects you to innovators who are successfully integrating technology platforms to cut per capita costs and improve delivery.

Cost controls

YourCare partners are improving care & controlling costs with risk management & predictive analytic tools.

Crowdsourcing strategies

YourCare connects payers, patients & providers to better manage future costs & outcomes so we can all SOAR Ahead!

Enhancing Experiences

YourCare is working with healthcare leaders to align incentives to build and enhance patient-centered communities where the participant, provider, and payer all win.

Better for people

YourCare is enabling people to become their own health team leader and share a greater role in achieving better health.

Better for providers

Improve direct reimbursement to the provider while enhancing practice management to increase the percentage of plan resources directed to actual care.

Better for payers

Improve the health of covered populations while cutting overall costs with a custom branded or co-branded program.

Overview of plan options

Connect to access strategies supported by cutting-edge technology integrating all necessary data to manage patient care and provide insightful analytics to track financial performance including those shown below.

Small Businesses (2-50 employees)

YourCare will be introducing a unique new health insurance program for America's small businesses to offer their employees. This special program is being assembled by the same professionals who have been helping large self-funded health plans achieve 20-40% savings and better while improving access to care for over 20 years. This program will provide opportunities to save on health plan costs for both members and employers, while supporting participants with health coaching, wellness, disease management, and preventive care services enriching experiences.

Self-funded Health Plans

You need experienced, personalized service from experts who understand employee health benefits industry. Transform your health insurance plan with strategies to cut per capita costs and improve health from end-to-end. Online administrative tools make enrolling employees and managing a benefits a breeze. Give your employees access to a secure Vault Private Exchange allowing you to customize benefit offerings. Connect to insurance solutions designed to mitigate risk and reduce healthcare costs.

Multi-Employer Plans

Our partners have been establishing and administrating multi-employer plans for over 20 years. Let our experts help you by getting you connected to the technology and risk management strategies you need to maintain a sustainable solution for your population. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization.

Get Results

While results always vary amongst diverse populations, people leading healthier lifestyles, typically translate to better health, lower overall healthcare costs, less sick-time and more time on-the-job.

As well, cost-effective screening and data analysis typically detect illnesses sooner, and early detection correlates to lower overall costs and protecting one's good health.

Additionally, facilitating access to treatment, speeding the delivery care, is also very effective in lowering overall cost, achieving better outcomes, and keeping people on the job.

YourCare CANNOT guarantee you will improve health, or cut per capita costs, or or enhance experiencs, BUT YourCare can help you implement patient-centered, technology driven health plan to achieve the triple aim of healthcare.

70 Decrease time to access care
15 Improve productivity
100 Improve satisfaction
30 Decrease plan costs

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